The Sobering Consequences of Underage Drinking


Society treats drinking alcohol as a social activity. Some adults have a drink to unwind after a busy day. Many kids are influenced by this behavior and the alcohol advertisements around them, making them feel they need alcohol to enjoy themselves. However, study after study has shown alcohol and the teenage brain do not mix.

Many coalitions focus on the difficult but attainable goal of reducing rates of underage drinking in their communities. Much of their work is based on science and local data.

Watch this hour-long program, The Sobering Consequences of Underage Drinking, to hear about the latest trends in underage drinking including the science behind the statistics, some of the serious consequences that come from underage and binge drinking, and what we can do about it.

Learn from coalition leaders, government scientists, and law enforcement about how to implement proven strategies in your community. See how one coalition has reduced underage drinking rates by 10% and is working for more.

Hosted By: Mary Elizabeth Elliott, CADCA

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